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In the Spring of 2014 on a small farm in the Lowveld, a seed was planted in the form of a business idea. That idea quickly rooted and began growing. Today, thanks to the tender nurturing and growing skills of its owners, that little seed has grown into a fruitful plant. Although still juvenile, this little tree has already shown remarkable potential in a climate of natural health and we are positive that that small seed will one day grow into a majestic tree.

At G&J Herbs our passion has always been for all things natural and getting back to soil level. We continuously strive to deliver the best quality plants and assist in sharing information as well as educating natural health enthusiasts in the fascinating science of natural medicine and gourmet cooking. We are passionate about organic gardening and are proud to sell organically grown herb plants all year round.

We offer growing information to large scale projects and can assist in troubleshooting everyday challenges that gardeners may face when growing herbs.