About us

Josua Van Zyl

Founding owner

Josua was exposed to the world of plants and gardening from an early age onwards. He has grown all sorts of plants in all sorts of climates. At the age of 13, his passion for herbs was ignited with a magazine article. This has led to a life long passion and an everlasting search for more information on all things natural. He started studying herbalism as well as Nursing Science, Today He still practices as a Registered Nurse and is passionate about improving the health of others. Josua has a unique opportunity to objectively view the world of health from both a conventional and naturalistic approach.

Gerrie Buys

Founding Owner

Gerrie grew up in the breath-taking lowveld and has always been exposed to gardening although he initially did not have much interest. From an early age he showed good business skills and studied accounting. In his career as an accountant he has come across several industries and commercial sectors. Soon he had a strong background and needed fertile ground to plant his business ideas. After he met Josua the two passions collided, and their small business was founded.