Golden Elderberry


Common Name:

Golden Elderberry

Botanical Name:

(Sambucus nigra ‘Aurea’)

Family Name:



Full Sun

Common uses:

Golden elderberry is a golden variety of the common elder berry with a beautiful golden leaf which contrasts nicely against other green shrubs in a garden. The berries are still edible like with other Elders and like other elders, the rest of the plant is also toxic. Berries have been used for centuries to fight viral infections and to boost immunity. New research is now supporting this. The berries also makes a delicious jelly and jam.


Golden elderberry will eventually turn into a large shrub or a small tree. The palnt is deciduous and the first leaves in spring are a beautiful golden color followed by masses of white flowers which attracts bees and butterflies. The shrub can be pruned heavily to keep it in shape and once it is established, it will need little attention.