Ground Ivy


Common Name:

Ground Ivy

Botanical Name:

Glechoma hederacea

Family Name:



Full Sun to Shade

Common uses:

Note that this plant is not related to the common garden Ivy. Please look at the pictures. Ground Ivy is a very easy fats growing ground cover that is suitable for sun or shade. It has a strong peppery taste and can be added to spice mixes and used sparingly in sauces or stews. The little serrated leaves can be used to make a refreshing tea for indigestion, nasal congestion, to clear up old mucous from the lungs, as an immune stimulant, a diuretic and has some anti viral and anti bacterial properties. Surprisingly the juice from the leaves is an antidote for nettle stings. It has an age old track record for use in heavy metal poisoning especially lead and mercury poisoning, on top of that it acts as a kidney and liver tonic. So this is definitely a herb to add to your detox regime. The leaves can be crushed to release its juice which can be taken 3 times daily (just a teaspoon) or a tea can be made with leaves, stems and flowers.


It is considered a weed in many parts of the world and does have a habit of climbing into your lawn. So growing it should not be a problem. It withstands frost and heat, does well in the shade or sun and will thrive with a weekly watering. They are not fussy about soil type and makes a lovely addition to pots plants as it creeps along and hangs off the sides.