Mint – Garden


Common Name:

Mint – Garden

Botanical Name:

(Mentha spicata)

Family Name:



Full sun to semi-shade

Common uses:

Garden mint is one of the most used mint varieties in the word and is unmistakable in looks and flavor. Mint has so many used in the kitchen that its almost too much to mention here. It can be used is sauces, drinks, roasts, juices, teas, garnishes and almost any other way conceivable. It adds a lovely fresh and cool taste to any dish and grows so abundantly. Despite the beloved flavor, Mint aids in digestion, assist in alleviating nausea and freshens your breath. The leaves can be eaten fresh and used dried. Mint has been shown to assist in anxiety disorders and some varieties like peppermint (Mentha piperita nigra) has been shown to clear the mind and increase concentration and focus.


All mint species can become a bit invasive if left unchecked and therefore it is recommended to plant them in a pot. However, they demand lots of nutrients (hence the spreading habit in search of new “food”) so in a pot they will have to be fed with a balanced fertilizer frequently. They prefer a full sun position but will tolerate shade just as well. When the above ground growth gets a bit straggly, the mint can be cut back at ground level.