Mint – Pennyroyal


Common Name:

Mint – Pennyroyal

Botanical Name:

(Mentha pulegium)

Family Name:



Full sun to semi-shade

Common uses:

Pennyroyal mint is a well known ground cover and frequently used to plant between stepping stones and around paving stones. The plant has a tendency to grow over the sides and as one would step on it, the leaves release its potent essential oils that fills the air with a fragrant fresh mint scent and this is also well known to keep away mosquitos and other insects. The leaves can also be rubbed against your skin to repel mosquitos, but caution should be taken as this can burn sensitive skin so a small test patch should first be attempted. Several articles suggest that pennyroyal mint should not be taken internally but when used in moderation, it is safe for internal use as well.


Pennyroyal mint is an easy to grow mint variety with a low growing habit and like all other mints, sends out a spike with tall flowers in early summer. They prefer a slightly shaded area but also does well in full sun provided that the soil can be kept moist especially when planted around paving stones. The plant does not make underground runners and tubers like other mints so it is very easy to keep under control.