Oregano – Hot & Spicy


Common Name:

Oregano – Hot & Spicy

Botanical Name:

(Origanum syriacum)

Family Name:



Full Sun

Common uses:

This is a unique variety with a bit of a spicy bite! However, the bite goes away with heat but the flavor is potent and lovely. Oregano is one of the most revered herbs in the culinary world and pizza or pasta would not be the same without it. It can be used fresh or dries in pasta, pizza, cheese, sauces and dips. The flowers can be used as a garnish and it compliments almost any savory dish. The plant can be harvested as much as needed. Some varieties have been known to ease muscle cramps and special ointments an be made from the leaves and rubbed onto aching joints and muscles. It assist in digestion of fatty foods and increases bile production.


This is an upright growing oregano that flowers white in spring and can be kept in a neat little bush. It requires full sun and needs at least a weekly watering to thrive. The plant requires full sun and can tolerate some afternoon shade. The upright stems make it easier to harvest than other types of oregano.