Pineapple Sage


Common Name:

Pineapple Sage

Botanical Name:

(Salvia elegans)

Family Name:



Full Sun

Common uses:

Pineapple sage can be used in many of the same ways medicinally as you would normal garden sage but it doesn’t not have the same flavor. Pineapple sage has a beautifully soft and sweet flavor that has a distinct pineapple after tone, similar to pineapple jelly. It has been used to aid in digestion problems and also anxiety. Pineapple sage makes a lovely ice tea that can be taken regularly on those hot summer days. The flowers can also be added to jams, jellies and ice teas. They also make a lovely addition to fruit salads


Pineapple sage grows into a large bush that needs to be cut back every year to stimulate new growth. They will flower in early summer and autumn and are adored by sunbirds. They will need full sun and will only tolerate shade, but this will drastically affect flowering. It has a spreading habit but can be kept under control very easily. It is not considered invasive.