Common Name:


Botanical Name:

(Rumex acetosa)

Family Name:



Partial Sun

Common uses:

Sorrel is considered a fantastic salad herb. It has a refreshing and sour taste, making it prefect for sauces, fish dishes, relishes and soups. Only one plant is needed to supply an entire family with its vitamin C packed leaves. The leaves are thirst-quenching and aid in digestion. Sorrel has a remarkable property of cooling and refreshing the blood due to its high oxalic acid content. The leaves are best used fresh. Sorrel pairs very well with tarragon, nasturtium, dill and fennel to enhance bean, pea and potato dishes. The juice from the leaves is an excellent treatment for mouth and gum ailments. A tea made from Sorrel and Mint leaves will alleviate over-fullness and indigestion. Sorrel leaves are an excellent compost activator. Large quantities of Sorrel should not be taken by people sensitive to acidity (i.e. people that suffer easily from kidney stones, gout, arthritis or rheumatism).


Growing Sorrel is undemanding – A spot in full sun with a weekly watering is all that is needed to aid in the plant’s natural prolific growing habit. Propagate Sorrel by chopping of a clump of the roots and establish in a plant bag for about 3 months before planting out into the garden. Leaves can be picked year-round. Companion plant with peppers, peas and beans.