Vietnamese Coriander


Common Name:

Vietnamese Coriander

Botanical Name:

Pesicaria odorata

Family Name:



Full sun to semi-shade

Common uses:

We all know coriander (Coriandrum sativum) as the seeds you add to your meat and savory dishes. But one of the alternative uses is the green leaves also called Cilantro. Growing it from seeds poses a problem as the plant is very short lived in warm weather which leaves you with no cilantro, but wait! Meet Vietnamese Coriander (Pesicaria odorata), this perennial plant does not make any coriander seeds but its leaves are a prized cilantro alternative. It had a beautiful coriander taste that is perfect for tzatziki, chicken salads, winter soups, sauces, beans and all sorts of Asian cuisines as well as curries. Vietnamese coriander is also heat sensitive so it needs to be added after dishing up in order to keep its fresh flavor. The plant can be used to aid digestion, ease nausea, clear acne, stop fever and interestingly is used to decrease libido. It is a great anti inflammatory and acts as a general tonic. So why not plant this lovely substitute?


It grows very easy and has a spreading habit. It flowers in early spring and its leaves makes for an attractive garden feature. They tolerate shade very well and it is only the leaves that are used. Bees adore the flowers. It has insect repelling properties as well so it can be planted close to the veggie patch to repel those nasties.