Winter Savory


Common Name:

Winter Savory

Botanical Name:

(Satureja monarda)

Family Name:



Full Sun

Common uses:

Winter Savory is similar to Thyme in taste and in use, with a strong peppery aroma. Its aid excellently in digestion and breaks down bean and cabbage gases. An all-time favourite companion to vegetable, cheese and pasta dishes, this wonderful herb will leave you without heartburn or digestive discomfort. A tea made form new growth will aid in alleviating sore throats, coughs and stomach upsets. The tea has antiseptic, astringent and expectorant properties. Rub crushed leaves over insect bites for instant relief.


Winter savory will flourish unattended for years if given a sunny stop with rich soil and a weekly watering. The plant grows into a small bush of not more than 15cm tall. Propagate by cuttings that will root quite quickly or separate a ¼ of an older plant and plant directly out into a newly prepared spot. Water daily for first week. Sprays of small white flowers will appear in spring and summer.